Coffee Shop, Wine Store & Bar
Wine - Beer - Spirits - Food - Coffee - Ice Cream - Chocolate - free WiFi and Entertainment.  All in the heart of historic Beaufort-by-the-Sea
Welcome to the Cru Coffee Shop!
   This distinctive Coffee Shop in the heart of historic Beaufort-by-the Sea has some special features we’d like you to know about.
First – the Cru Crew is here to serve you from 6:30 am ‘till late seven days a week. That means you can start and end every day with our special Costa Rican Arabica coffee. As shown on our MENU page, we offer a wide range of munchies to accompany your special coffee and tea drinks to keep you happy and healthy.
Second –the Cru Crew is trained in making those special coffee and tea drinks you’ve come to love. They can make lattes, espressos, slushies, smoothies… you name it and they’ll make it ….and hand your choice of drinks over the counter to you with a smile. 
Third – Breakfasts, sandwiches and any-time foods are available here for those on a rush (just grab and go) as well as for customers who take pleasure in our no-rush atmosphere. Take your food and drinks to a comfortable seat - and surf the web with our free high-speed internet service for as long as you like.

made with care for your pleasure.

Pastries are freshly baked here to go

     with your choice of hot and cold drinks.

Made here, with
and without nuts. 

Made here (see
Chocolate Page on this web site)

You won’t find better than the ones we make.
Simply Natural Creamery
is available in a range of changing flavors.​ 
Great to add to sodas (for floats), coffees or as add-ons to our yummy desserts.

​Cups of ice cream can be taken to the Bar for creating spirited concoctions of your choice.

Gift Items

Exotic hand-crafted wood items from Costa Rica, Mugs, etc. are on display.
Our wish for all who come to the Cru Coffee Shop is a memorable Beaufort experience in one of the old town’s historic buildings. The Cru Crew will give you a warm welcome and serve you with smiles.

​We hope you come often, enjoy your time with us, and always leave with a lighter spirit.