Coffee Shop, Wine Store & Bar
Wine - Beer - Spirits - Food - Coffee - Ice Cream - Chocolate - free WiFi and Entertainment.  All in the heart of historic Beaufort-by-the-Sea
  We promise you some friendly smiles, good food, drinks of all sorts, and a respite from haste.

  We hope you’ll enjoy CRU and come to visit often. With your “good vibes” with other customers, CRU will fulfill our vision of becoming “The Coolest Place in our country’s Coolest Small Town.”
Celia and Bob

 Beaufort-by-the-Sea was established in 1709. It was the third town established in North Carolina, and is justifiably proud of its long history.

  Evidences of its past are shown in the many old homes that boast plaques telling their names and construction dates, the old grave yard and in the area where CRU is located that is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  Beaufort was known as Fishtown in the early years when Blackbeard the pirate frequented the coast. It was later renamed for Henry Somerset, the Duke of Beaufort. Beaufort flourished when other towns failed by virtue of the endurance and industry of its settlers, who would not let hurricanes or pirates prevent them reaping a good life from fishing, ship building, farming and the lumber trade.
  The townsfolk managed their resources well over the years, preserving historical buildings and adding special events like the Old Homes Tour, Marti Gras and the annual Pyrate Invasion. Because of its history and many attractions, Beaufort was recently voted “The Coolest Small Town in the Country.”
  CRU’s old historic building on Turner Street has hosted guests from Beaufort’s early days. As shown in the photo to the left, it was the first home of the NC Maritime Museum. It has also served as a grocery store, a kitchen shop, clothes shop, a market, and even a shop where young pirates bought their capes and plastic swords.
 When we bought the property at 120 Turner Street we were delighted to find that the building had not only an intact old brick wall, but also its original old tin ceiling. We removed the fake ceiling to show off the old tin and built on these parts from its past as we set about to restore the place. 
 Our efforts at restoration paid off. We’ve created a special place, a CRU (like the special places that grow Grand Cru Wines). At CRU, customers can relax and enjoy a unique combination of coffee shop, internet café’, wine store and full bar, with good food to go with a wide choice of drinks and lively entertainment.