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Wine - Beer - Spirits - Food - Coffee - Ice Cream - Chocolate - free WiFi and Entertainment.  All in the heart of historic Beaufort-by-the-Sea
While perusing the store for your favorite wine is not an option right now, we are offering this daily updated list of wines for you to order from. Each list is updated daily, but we do not update it live, so we can only guarantee that we have your wine if you call us.

Click on an option below to shop wines. Call us at 252-728-3066 to order, and pick up from the front door between 8am and 5pm daily. Link will open a new page tab.

   You don’t have to travel to the vineyards of Napa Valley (shown to the left) to find fine wines. You can get them at the Cru Wine Store, in the heart of historic Beaufort-by-the-sea. 
  At the Cru Wine Store you can browse 42 wine sections (ie. Cabernet, Chardonnay, French, etc.).  You can choose from 483 DIFFERENT bottles of wine within those 42 sections. We have one section just for NC wines. In addition to red, white, and rose wines, we offer several types of mead and fortified wines. 
The aged ports and sherries on our shelves are great choices for a sipping wine to top off a good meal. We offer filtered and unfiltered sake- in two bottle sizes. And, of course, we offer great sparkling wines for your special celebrations.

  In addition, we serve 43 other wines at the bar and 4 other rotating wines as monthly specials.
   Our offerings are constantly changing. We will find and bring in more quality "old world wines " from Europe. We will continue to carry first class American wines and South American wines, but will soon broaden our offerings of Australian, New Zealand, South African, Austrian and Slovenian wines.
   To further introduce you to the Cru Wine Store, we (Bob and Celia, proud owners of CRU) need to give you a bit of our personal history.
   We love tasting wines.  Wines are part of our lives. We always go out of our way to visit vineyards as we travel. We enjoy seeing and tasting grapes right from the vines, and like to speculate on the quality of wine that can be made from the grapes we taste.  
   Our life-long fascination with wines led us to founding and operating a NC Winery (Chatham Hill). When the winery was sold to one of our partners, we looked for another avenue of interacting with the earthy and scientific pleasures of wine making and tasting.  Our desire to be closely involved with the wine business is now fulfilled by owning and operating the Cru Wine Store, which we believe is one of the most distinctive Wine Stores in North Carolina.
   We have done our best to make the Cru Wine Store a Special Place for Wine. We have hand-selected a wide range of wines for sale in the store. This is an on-going process. You will always find some of our old favorites here, side-by-side with new discoveries that we hope you will enjoy sharing with us.
   You probably know that the quality of a wine is largely determined by the environment in which the vines are grown.  A Cru Vineyard is one of recognized quality for growing good wine grapes. The terms Premier Cru, Grand Cru, etc. designate the levels of wine quality one expects from the best of the Cru vineyards. We chose Cru as the name for our Wine Store because we want it to offer you the best possible wines for your budget and your individual taste. If you don’t find your favorite, please ask one of our staff and we’ll do our best to get it for you.
   Do your favorite wines come from Italy? From France? From Chile? Check out Cru’s hand-selected wines in 42 different wine sections.  We support sustainable wineries that respect and protect the environment.​
​   Do you prefer organic wines?  We do. There is a growing public awareness of the benefits of avoiding chemical contaminants in our foods and drinks. The pesticides common in many vineyards can be transferred into the wines that are made from the wine grapes, which can be avoided by choosing organic wines. There aren’t many available, but we offer several for your drinking pleasure.
   Do you get headaches from the sulfites in wines? There are, fortunately, several vintners that now make wines without added sulfites. There aren’t many of these wines available, but we offer several for your drinking pleasure.
  Visitors will be glad to know that all wines purchased from the Cru Wine Store can be enjoyed by-the-glass at the Cru Bar, without corkage fees.